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Hey There - Welcome to Details Blog

Nice to meet you!

Welcome to our introductory blog post! It's about time, right? We're pretty late to the game, but better late than never! I thought I would start this post by first introducing our team to you. We have a great team of people who truly treat each and every wedding with such care and passion. Without this team of truly remarkable women, I would have a very difficult time loving what I do. Let's be real, planning weddings can be tough. However, executing them can be even tougher without the right team. So, I give you the ladies behind Details Wedding and Event Planning. From left to right, we have Samantha, Jessica, Mary (myself), and Delaney.

Samantha is something special. She and I first met because she came to help out for set up with one of our weddings. She was a stand in because someone had no showed and we were left in a bind! Not only did Samantha step up and say, "of course!" but she did it after just having celebrated her 21st birthday the night before! She was such a help! From directing traffic and assisting with the valet, to moving chairs from ceremony to reception through a small breezeway in uneven terrain. She was a trooper! She brings that same excitement, drive to work, and liveliness to every wedding! She steps in wherever she is needed and never has anything negative to say. She truly is a life saver on our team!

Jessica has an air of comfort about her! She and I first met while working together at an event staffing agency and we connected immediately. Naturally, I started talking about my love for weddings and she not only listened, but she chimed in! She too had a love for weddings and events! She had an event management background, interned at a local venue, and even knew one of my couples who's wedding I was planning. She struck an interest in Details and was excited to learn about events and weddings. She is there to help make any stressful situation calmer and brings her problem solving mindset to fix why it was stressful in the first place. She was my first "hire" and she has proven her loyalty to our company time and time again. Jessica is an organized, easy going, and goal oriented woman, and we love having her as such an integral part of the team!

Mary, the one who constructed this crazy idea to start a business! I have always known I wanted to be a wedding planner. I was about 16 years old when I did a school project and researched what it meant to be a wedding planner. It definitely seemed like a glamorous career as I was making my Power Point presentation with Word Art! But let me tell you, they don't explain how difficult it can be to become a wedding planner! In 2016, I decided to take matters into my own hands and start a business. I always had the goal of planning weddings in my peripheral view, but thought I needed to go about it in a more traditional route. Once I decided to start a business, I came up with a name, bought business cards, and never looked back! I've learned from each and every wedding, interaction with vendors, and couple that I have had the pleasure of working with. With every lesson I learn, I love this industry a little more! It's a crazy industry, one that really never sleeps, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I had a friend ask me once what it is I love about weddings so much. There are so many reasons, but as cheesy as it sounds, I love love. Not just love between the couple, but the love the couple feels from all of their guests. Everyone in one room, celebrating the fact that two people are in love. Growing up, weddings always meant seeing my family together, dancing, drinking, and having so much fun! I truly enjoy seeing the reception and watching everyone celebrate! Hands down, my favorite part of a wedding.

What can you see from these posts?

We're still working through what you'll see from our posts, as we find our voice throughout this creative process, but you won't be disappointed. You will learn about our process, some tips and tricks to planning your wedding efficiently, and we'll also have fun and educational posts from industry creatives! We truly believe in #communityovercompetition and work hard to shine the light on those whole help us make planning weddings so much fun. We have an amazing team of vendors who we love to work with, and we will explain why it is so important to go with vendors that come highly recommended by your planner.

So join us for this creative journey through technology and we hope you will learn something along the ride. We are excited to share the highs and lows of planning weddings, from design to logistics, and everything in between!

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